Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where do babies come from?

The other day while running errands Corbin said " when you and dad turn back into babies, I will take care of you." Bryan and I looked at each other and laughed. "Corbin, your dad and I will not ever turn back into babies. In life you start out as a baby then you become a kid, and a teenager, then an adult, and lastly you turn really old like Mema (just kidding mom). We may need diapers when we are really old, and you can help with that, but we won't be babies." I said. Now this begged the question, "where do you think babies come from, Corbin?" Now hold on to your seats folks because of all of the possible answers (ie the stork, angels, a bean that grows in your belly, whatever) I did not expect this answer! "We'll you get on the computer, then you pick out a baby you want and download it to your belly. When it's done downloading you go to the doctor and they take it out in twenty seconds." So apparently you can just jump online and design a baby. Race, hair color, eye color, gender, whatever you want! Then just download it. Slowest download in history! Not to mention all off the "viruses" that comes along with that download. Like vomiting for months, constipation, hernias, uterus cramps, and so much more! And isn't that sweet that he thinks it only takes twenty seconds to be born!? Someday I will tell him that it took 2 days to vacate him from my womb! Twenty seconds.... Pff.... My aunt fanny it takes twenty seconds! I do have to say that I love how his mind works. It's so much fun watching your child's imagination run wild.

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