Sunday, May 5, 2013

Re-purposed Shower Curtain

Upon moving into this new home of ours, I realized that we had no need for shower curtains anymore since all of the showers have doors on them. Now, that's great and all, but I loved my shower curtain. It matched my bedding perfectly and it was only a couple of months old. So I had to come up with a way to save it. At least some of it. I ran out to the garage for some inspiration. My husband woodwork's for fun in his spare time and I thought there might just be something that would inspire me. As luck would have it, behind a pile of scrap wood was a good sized wood frame. It looked like it was probably a project that he started without a clear idea of where he was going, so it just got dumped in a pile of scraps to be fished out at a later date. It wasn't in the best shape with some dings in the wood, and a bad sanding job (sorry babe). But It just needed a little love. I fished it out and sanded down the edges. Then I grabbed my black paint and had at it. While it was drying I grabbed my freshly washed shower curtain.

 Isn't it adorable! I love this print! My entire bedroom is black and white, so there was no way I was parting with this shower curtain. It had to be re-purposed.

Once my painted frame was dry, I put my shower curtain on the floor and took my time moving the frame around the print to figure out configuration I liked best. Then I flipped my frame over and put the curtain print facing down over the frame. You are going to need a staple gun. Start at one corner and begin to staple the fabric to the frame. space your staples about every 4 inches. As you make your way around the frame make sure that you are applying pressure to the fabric, but not so much that you are stretching and disfiguring the print.

Grab a pair of scissors and start trimming the fabric. leave at least an inch between the staples and the end of the fabric. Now this does not have to look nice, so just breeze through this step.

Flip it back over and fix any scratches in the paint. I would recommend after you paint the frame and before you staple the fabric to the back, that you take some time to seal the paint with a nice finish. It will take more time to dry, but the finished product will be much better.

Here it is, up on my wall. I love it! You would have never known that it was a shower curtain! Try this one out!! It's fun, easy, and cost me next to nothing to complete.

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