Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Check Your Pockets" Laundry Helper *TUTORIAL*

After a tough afternoon I thought, I had better sit down and write to you all about a cute little project I did the other day, to relive some stress. This whole moving thing is so crazy! Everyday it seems I am unpacking more things and organizing new spaces. For some reason I thought this process would be more fun then it is. I thought that packing up our last home was dull, and a seemingly endless process. I thought "just hang in there. You will be in a new bigger home soon and it will be so much fun to unpack and decorate!" But it turns out that its not that much fun. In fact i haven't even gotten to the decorating part yet. I have done a few things but we are certainly not decorated like I want it to be.

Anyway, I have this super cute tutorial for y'all. One of the great things about this new house is that it has a laundry room. I'm sure lots of you just read that and thought to yourself "Who in the H doesn't have a laundry room?" Well maybe its just me but, every place I have lived in the past 12 years has had the washer and dryer in a closet, or in the hallway walking out to the garage. I hope I'm not the only one who has dealt with this. It stinks! No room for all of the loads of clothes to wait their turn for the washer, no space to store cleaning supplies and things alike. But our new house has a great big laundry room. the problem is that there are so many white walls. I wanted to add color to the room but I didn't want to paint it. So I jumped online and searched out some inspiration.

This is one of the projects I found. Of course I made it my own, and put my own little spin on it so that it suits my personal style and needs. If you are like me then, you are the one who does the laundry most of the time, if not all of the time. While I'm loading the washer I am constantly pulling out change, pens, chuck e cheese tokens, Bobbi pins, hair ties, and gum. where do you put these things? Many times I  end up stuffing my own pockets with all of that stuff and set out on a mission to return all things promptly to their correct places. Other times, when I am not so ambitious, I just throw it all on top of the dryer with the "Ehh, I'll put it away later" mindset. Well this project will help with all of that!

For Christmas I got this little plaque as a gift. It was cute and fit the colors of our home. But since we have moved I haven't found the right place to put it up. I am thinking about changing up our color scheme in the main living area of the house and this just didn't work. So I thought I had better revamp it for another room. I wanted bright colors for the laundry room because, lets face it nobody really wants to spend much time in there anyways and dull or dark colors would make it even less desirable. I applied 3 coats of Bahamas Blue acrylic craft paint to the surface and sides, making sure to cover all of the design beneath. This was after the first coat.

Now, you could stop here if you wanted to. But if you like a distressed look then head on out to the garage and grab your sander. If you don't have and electric one then, you can just use a plain old piece of sand paper. Rough up the edges a little bit. I even brought it up on to the surface of the wood in a couple of places. Just be careful to not take to much off. A little really goes a long way.

Alright, next you want to grab a stencil or if you are really talented you might want to free hand the lettering. Leaving about 3 inches at the top of your plaque you want to spell out the words "Your Pockets"

Again, you could stop at this point if you like the color as is, or you can do like me and rummage through your scrapbook paper. I Chose something bright with a similar blue and lots of other fun colors to play off of in future projects. The best part is that it has a distressed look to the paper so it matches what I have done to the paint.

Fill in your stencil work with some acrylic paint in whichever color you choose. I saw one of these online that used this cute check mark and brackets. She used a cricut and made vinyl letters. I'm not that fancy and unfortunately do not own a cricut. If you are like me, do not fear. You can free hand it, or jump online like I didn't and print out a picture of what you want. Then grab an x-acto knife and cut it out to create your own stencil. once your paint has dried you are going to want to grab you mod podge and give it a good coat all over the front and sides. Make sure, if you used scrapbook paper, that the edges are completely sealed.

Lastly you are going to need a mason jar and a metal pipe clamp. I secured two clamps together and tightened it to fit the mason jar snug, then removed the jar and drilled two screws through the clamp and into the plaque. Now just put the jar back in, and you're done.

I know that it seems like a lot of work but, I got it done during naptime (2 hours). So try it out guys! I think it turned out SO cute!! As you can see by the picture I'm already putting it to good use. Let me know what you think. Have a great day everyone.

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Until next time my lovelys

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