Sunday, April 21, 2013

DO NOT quote movies

Well, I learned a good lesson recently. Let me tell you a little story. Many years ago, long long before children, and suv's big enough to hold all of the crap that kids need, before a nights sleep was disrupted for diaper changes, before a stroller permanently parked in the living room was considered part of the furniture, and definitely before anything spill-able that was in reach basically meant "please spill me on the carpet". I had a favorite movie that I watched all of the time. It was hilarious, and full of language that I don't dare use these days.

You all know when you have a favorite movie full of witty one liners, it is easy for them to become emblazoned in your memory. You quote the lines over and over throughout the years, so much that they become a part of you.

This particular movie had several funny lines that my husband and I have repeated over the course of about 10 years. In the movie there is a grandpa who reminisces about his younger days and talks about falling in love. The grand kids would say "Awe, that's sweet Grandpa, your remembering Grandma." to which the grandpa would reply "I'm not talkin about Grandma, F*ck Grandma!". Well, that has always stuck with us. Now that we have kids we still quote this line but we say "F" Grandma instead. Some of you might be rolling your eyes at this point and saying to yourself "Um, that's really not that much better!" and you would be right.    

So, a couple of weeks ago we had some family that stayed with us for awhile. One of the nights that they were with us, I was doing dishes and heard the kids screaming with laughter in Corbin's bedroom. I was a little frustrated because I had been in to quiet them down several times by this point. I approached the door, guns ready to blaze and stopped dead in my tracks when I head Corbin. I cracked the door and saw him and his cousin holding hands, jumping up and down on the beds. Both were laughing full force gut laughs. Corbin was saying "Come on Logan, say it! It's fun! Say, F Grandma!" To which his cousin just continued jumping and laughing at Corbin who had no clue what he was really saying, while refusing to repeat it.

I couldn't help myself. I know that I am not supposed to laugh at this stuff. Maybe I should have barged into the room at that moment and told him that it was inappropriate for him to say that. But I didn't. I just started laughing. The next day was his cousins birthday and several family members came down to spend the afternoon at our place for the occasion. Grandma sat down on the couch and the grand kids went over one at a time and got a little cuddle and a few kisses from her. When it was Corbin's turn to go over and greet her we said "Corbin, grandma's waiting for you. Go over and say hi." Corbin ran over to the couch and said "Awe...... F Grandma!!!" and ran away. Face, please meet my palm!!

                                 Before he could ever say such awful things to Grandma! :)

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