Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th Of July Wreath (pool noodle wreath)

I kinda stink because I am just posting this at 5
pm on the fourth of July. Please forgive me. But save this post as a favorite so that you can do it next year!

Dollar store pool noodle. Do not trim it down. It makes a perfect wreath size as is. Just bend it so that the ends touch each other and then tape it so that it doesn't come apart. I'm not really sure how the glue gun would work on this material so I just used tape.

Now grab an old pair of jeans from the closet. I used my "when I loose weight" pants. If you are part of the 10% of the world who doesn't own a pair of those kind of pants, then you can run to your local goodwill and pick up a pair very cheap. Now starting at the hem of the pant leg you are I made my strips about 4 inches wide. Just start wrapping your jean strips at an angle around your wreath (pool noodle). Tack the jeans in place once you get all the way around. I added a bit of hot glue on the back of the first strip I put down and then made sure to fasten the end of my jean strips to that.

All Wrapped

I had a few sheets of crafting felt lying around and decided to make some flowers out of it (never made flowers before, but it couldn't be easier) I folded my sheet of felt in half and then cut along the crease. Now put a line of glue along the edge running the full length of the felt (picture below for reference) and fold in half to make a tube.

It should look like this once it is folded over.

Cut into the felt almost all the way to the glued down edge. The more cuts you make the fuller your flower will be. I experimented with this and I like the flower to be a bit fuller so I made lots of cuts.

once you have made your cuts, all you do is add a line of glue along the edge and then roll them up tightly. once they have cooled you can fluff them out.

These are the colors I used.

Hot glue them to your wreath in whichever layout you choose.

I wasn't thinking and didn't take pictures of the garland I made to attach to the wreath. Sorry. I used and old pillow case that we were never going to use again and cut out my triangles I used a blue felt for the backing so the would be sturdy and less transparent. That's it! I love the way it turned out and hope you will pin it so that you can try this out for next year. Loves to all of you. Have a great 4th of July and please be safe!

All Done! Happy Independence Day! Until next time my lovely's

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