Monday, March 18, 2013

Mischief and Leprechaun Poop

I hope that all of you had a great and safe St. Patricks day.  If you drink, and don't have kids that you have to get up and take care of in the morning....... I bet you had a great time. However, we do not drink, and we also never do anything for this holiday. I mean, other than wearing green. But there had to be more fun things to do on this day then just pinching people and eating stewed cabbage. So, again I spent some time perusing the Internet. I wanted to do something fun, cheap and memorable.

My oldest son is finally at the point that I can explain holidays and introduce the idea of Santa, the Easter Bunny, and apparently Leprechauns to him. We of course have tried to explain all of these things each year but the only one that stuck was Santa. Oh be bosh (something Corbin says instead of "oh my gosh") , he loves Santa! So for a few days prior to St. Patty's Day, I told him about the little green mischievous leprechauns that sneak around on this particular day of the year looking for gold. I also told him that if we could catch him then he would have to give us the gold that he had already collected.

On the night before St. Patty's Day we came up with our plan to catch him. Here are some of the fun things we did that are going to become traditions each year, from here on out.

An over turned Rubbermaid, stick, and ribbon attached to a bowl holing lucky charms was our trap. We dusted the counter top with flour so we could see the leprechauns footprints. Adding charms like a little Hansel and Gretel pathway to the trap.

                                               "Leprechaun Lounge- Free Charms Inside" 

 We attached the ribbon to the bowl (lucky charms inside the bowl) and nestled it on top of a bed of grass. The idea was that the Leprechaun would move the bowl while retrieving charms and the trap would slam shut on him. 

The next morning, we saw footprints leading up to a closed trap. Corbin tapped the box and talked to what he was hoping was a leprechaun inside "did I get you? Are you going to behave and give me your gold?" We slowly opened the trap. The little jerk had escaped! As we looked around we saw what a busy little thing he had been! He had stuck oranges on our candlesticks!

 He put our chairs and a topiary on our table!

                                                      He turned lamp shades upside down!

             He lined up the kids blocks along the back of the sofa and put a fan on the coffee table.

        He pee'd and poop gold poop in the toilet! (I don't know why this picture looks blue. It was green.)

                                                  He left gold behind (Chuck E Cheese tokens)

                                               Even something for mommy and daddy.............

                                      We had leprechaun mocktails (sprite and colored ice cubes)

                                                Lucky charms and green milk for breakfast.

                                            Rainbow jello for an extra special after lunch treat!

Turns out that St. Patricks Day is actually pretty fun! Trying these things out on the next shamrock day.  Your kids will LOVE it!

Until next time lovelys!

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