Friday, March 15, 2013

Dollar Store Decor

Okay, so I did this project a couple of months ago. Long before I was every even thinking I might start a blog. Because of that, the pictures don't have very good lighting. Sorry.

Several months ago my darling husband went with my idea to change our bedroom..... again. He is so sweet, and tends to go with whatever ideas I have to decorate, change things, and re-decorate our home. So my new idea was to go all black and white in the master bedroom. It all started with this beautiful black and white damask bedding that I fell in love with!! I gave my husband several hints that I loved it, and talked about how beautiful it would look in our room.  He hated it! Like....... when I showed it to him, his mouth actually puckered up with hate face! He looked at me like he did the first time he changed our oldest sons poopy diaperin the hospital. You know the ones I'm talking about.... the tar poop diapers. "really...." he asked. I just shrugged and said "Deal with it. I love it!" But being the great husband that he is, he got it for me for Mothers Day. I've got a good man. (by the way, the first night he slept in the new bedding, he told me it was the most comfortable and softest bedding we had ever owned.)

Once it was in our room, my head began to swim with different ideas of how to change the room and make it all flow together with this new bedding. I'm a big believer that your bed is the anchor of the room, and whatever bedding you choose to use, should inspire the rest of the room. But that's just me! So anyways, I got an idea. I wanted to make some pictures to hang on the wall. So the next day I ran to the closest Dollar Store (love that place). I made a beeline for the picture frame isle, without even stopping at the teacher section! (Side Note: I love the teacher section at the dollar store! I always check in there for new stuff to use while teaching my kids at home.) Once in the picture frame isle I found some black ones that I thought would be perfect! Then I headed home to take care of the house and those strange little monsters kids that I live with, all the while checking the clock to see how much longer it would be before bed time would finally be here! Oh yes, the only time I can craft in peace, is when the kids and my husband are sleeping. After bath time, pj's, and a bunch of "Mom, I'm thirsty. Mom, I have to go potty. Mom, will you tuck me in again?" they finally passed out. Thank the lord! And it was time to craft!

I don't have a picture of the frames before I started. But just picture a basic black picture frame. I pulled off the backing, threw away the generic paper picture of some women awkwardly holding a daisy against her face, and pulled out the glass. It should just pop right out. Set aside the actual frame. Get out your glue gun and get that sucker heated up. being careful not to burn yourself, use the glue gun to write on the glass. This can be anything you want, a quote, a single word that inspires you, a scripture, name, or even just a monogram. The glue can be a little tricky. You may find that there are little wispy pieces of glue around your words. Just do your best to pick them off. Then I dug out my craft paint, and grabbed the black. Paint black (or any color you want) over the words and glass. Cover the entire front of the glass with paint.

Once you have let the paint dry, you need to grab another color. I used white. carefully go over your lettering with your second color.


               Once it is dry, you just pop the glass back into your frame, secure it with the tabs on the back.


                                                                      Another one

                                                                     And another


                                                       And here they are up on the wall

 I know this wall is still pretty bare, but we are moving next month. so when we get into our new home, I will continue to work on it.

   There you go. I spent three dollars on this project. So easy and fun. I think it would be cute to do a few of these in White frames and painting the glass some pretty pastel color, and some Easter words. I hope you try this out. I would love to hear what you did!

                                                         Until next time lovelys!


  1. very cute idea, love it. You are very crafty! :)

  2. Thank you so much! Come by and check out my Facebook page. "motherhood- What The Bleep Am I Doing?"

  3. Love it. Will definitely try this!