Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Patriotic mini wreath

Just a quick and super easy tutorial for the 4th of July. I realized I didn't have more then a handful of patriotic stuff to put up this year. So I have been at my craft table making a few things. The bonus is that each craft I have done has Either been only a few dollars ($5 at the most) or it has been free by re purposing things around the house. Well here we go!

Dollar store wreath? Check! Dollar store bundle of red white and blue flowers? Check! Hot glue gun and glue sticks? Check!

Just pop the flowers off of the stems and start gluing them to the wreath.

Make sure to alternate colors so that you don't get a weird clump of one color. Go all of the way around the wreath. It took 2 bundles of the flowers to go completely around the wreath.

My camera is missing so a lot of my photos have been taken on my phone. So, sorry for the not great photo quality. :)

Its a small wreath but totally adorable and super easy to make! MAKE ONE! You cant beat a $3 wreath!
Until next time my lovelys!

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