Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pumpkin Bouquet

I know, I've been slacking on getting my posts up. I'm leaving for several weeks to go back home and visit with my family. I only go once a year so its usually a long trip. Although I am super excited for this upcoming trip, I also have lots to do around the house before I leave. If you know me that means I need to decorate the house for the fall season. But the icing on the cake is that I am also decorating for Halloween before I leave because I wont be getting back until 2 weeks into October. And honestly, who wants to decorate the entire house for two weeks. Nope, not me. So I'm going to do it now so that when I get home I don't have to do anything but enjoy it.

Halloween is my husbands FAVORITE holiday! We do it up pretty big around our house. And we don't do the cutsie decorations either. There are a few of them but, for the most part it's creepy hanging ghouls and goblins, an armful of huge house climbing spiders, several skeleton pumpkin kings dressed in tattered gauze complete with chains hanging from their wrists. A graveyard in the front of the house, and a bunch of inflatable horse driven hearses and ghosts along with a 5 ft tall witch that stands gaurd at the front door and stirs her cauldron with her glowing eyes. I often tell my husband "The house is scary enough for kids to even think about coming to the door, so you shouldn't scare them further by being the scariest thing you can imagine!" but does he listen..... NOPE! One year he was dressed in an orange escaped convict jumpsuit and wore a Jason mask. He would walk out and not say a word to the kids, just stare at them in silence until their little knees wobbled in fear. Last year our house was SUPER CREEPY and he had prosthetic's made for his face so that he could be a zombie. It literally looked like flesh was falling off of his face. I tried to tell him to go easy on the ones that were obviously still too young for the fright of all hallows eve. But he still terrified the small tots, bless their little hearts. He thinks Halloween is to terrify and shock. That is his favorite part!

Anyway.... I'm trying my best to get the decorating done. I have a few projects that I'm still working on. This one isn't Halloween exactly but more of an autumn in general project. The best part is that it cost me a whopping $4 to complete.

I went to the Dollar Store and picked up this cute little pumpkin. It has a line around the middle of it, but I don't really care. They all had it but, what do you want for $1?  I took my exacto knife and cut around the top just like I would if I were carving a real pumpkin.

I expected this thing to be solid foam. I thought "I'm going to have to dig out the foam in order to do what I want with this little guy!" To my surprise it was hollow inside.

I flipped the top upside down and shoved it into the bottom of the pumpkin.

Then I grabbed some wire cutters from the hubbies shop and cut the stems of my dollar store flowers to the height that I needed them to be. I used the topper of the pumpkin that was now in the bottom of the hollow pumpkin as florist foam and just stuck the stems straight in there to keep them in place.

TA DAAA!!! Cute little pumpkin bouquet for my kitchen counter. I love it!! I may end up painting the pumpkin if in a couple days if it just feels too orange. But I don't know..... what do you think?
What if it was painted to look like grey stone or something. I don't know. Just an idea.

If I do paint it I will post a picture of the finished product. Until next time my lovely's!

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