Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boo! Halloween candlesticks

I have a cute Halloween tutorial for you. Last night I made these cute things. I'm not quite sure what to call them. I wanted to call them "BOO Apothecary jars" but they don't have tops to the and I added candles to them. So I guess we are going to go with "BOO! Halloween candlesticks".

Now, in my opinion, I think if you were to see these in the store then you would easily pay $20 for them. It doesn't seem like you can many decorative glass holiday products for less then that. But you CAN make these for $6, and I'm going to show you how.

1.  I picked up three glass candlestick holders at the dollar store. 

2.  I painted them black with some good ole craft paint.

3.  Once they were dry I gave them all an even coat on "Deco Art- Triple Thick" glaze.

4. While that was drying I printed out some letters to use as stencils for my jars/vases. Then I cut them out.

5.  Next I grabbed my three dollar store vases. I used my painters tape (you can do this with whatever tape you want. or you can do it a completely different way) to make an even line all the way across the vases so that I wouldn't have wonky letters.I traced my stencils on with washable maker (thank you kids art supplies) and then filled them in first with white. then I built on that with black and grey.

These are the paints that I have been using.

6/7.  Once I attached the vases to the candlesticks with E6000 epoxy, I used this Raffia to make bows around the sticks.

When everything was dry and secure, I filled them with a cheap bag of  "Jolly Time Pop Corn" (purchase by the bag) and then topped them off with a tea light in each one.

I really like the way that they turned out. I was excited to make them and I think it was a really fun project.

You can fill them them with whatever you want. Ideas, you ask? Candy Corn, Spanish Moss (minus the candles), Halloween spider webs and little plastic spiders, rubber snakes, the list goes on and on. Be creative!

At first I really painted the letters to be "Perfect" but, you really need vinyl letter for that look. The paint was a little tricky because it leaves little bumps in the paint as you add layers. Eventually I threw in the towel on perfection and just started mixing black and white and slopping it on. At the end I put them all side by side and decided that, I love it! Give it a try.... you cant beat a $6 dollar craft project. There is no reason not to try this, so get to it y'all!

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