Friday, March 7, 2014

Best buy of 2014... So far!

Aside from my new car, this is the best thing I have gifted myself this year! 

So I was doing some grocery shopping at SAMs club today and I ran into these cute things. Normally I don't buy things for myself on a whim. Normally I go home and talk to my husband about things I saw that I would like to have, and we then figure out when it's feasible. But this time I battled with myself in the isle. Could I just buy these and then explain to husband that they were too cute to pass up? Would he go for that? Can I keep myself from splurging even a little on something for myself even though it's not expensive? Do I NEED them? I could totally make them... But then I probably wouldn't get around to it until July! I puzzled until my puzzler was sore. I figured I could walk away and come back at a later time and get them, even though it could be a couple of weeks. I took a few steps.

But then I heard it..... A woman gasped and said "hey, "so and so" (lady friend) come and look at these! They are so great for the summer. We should get some!" And with that, I spun on my heel and turned around to grab a box! I HAD TO! With my luck, they would be gone by the time I got back for them.

  Okay, maybe I'm slightly obsessed with them but, come on they are adorable!! And for $16 and some change, it's a steal! I mean, you can buy the generic plastic cups with matching straw and lid for $5, and with this I'm getting 6 jar/cup/glass things. :) 

What better, or cuter way to keep cool during the fast approaching hot summer months, here in the dessert? 

The burlap is attached by velcroing to itself in the back, so it's easy to remove for washing. The glass design under the burlap is really cute too (a star) if for some reason you didn't want to use the burlap.

So go get some before they run out! Run don't walk!

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