Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 was....

Another year is gone. Doesn't it seem like it flew by? I know that at the end of every year so many people make new year resolution's in hopes that by the end of next year the suckiest part of their life will hopefully not suck as bad. I never have been one for resolutions. I'm sure at some point in my teenagedom I followed the crowd and fained excitement of coming face to face with what I liked least about myself, announced it to the world, and then promised myself to do things differently in the coming year. But in the end, I was never wholeheartedly on board with the whole thing. Maybe I was already cynical and knew that most people would fall short of their goal. Beginning strong of mind and will in January only to give in sometime in February or March. Forgetting entirely or ignoring entirely what their resolution was in the first place. The gyms packed with the "gung-ho" attitude in January, are left with a trickle of dedicated individuals come April. Or perhaps I was just a lazy teenager who didn't want to apply all that dang effort. Either way, resolutions are not for me.

  Instead, I usually give myself a word. Something that I hope will define the year for me. One year it was  "Family". With my family divided up among different states, I wanted to end the year knowing that we all made an effort to see one another, be in contact via social media and over the phone. This word of "Family" didn't obligate me to fly all over trying to visit everyone, or host a big stressful get together. It allowed me to do things when I wanted to, and not feel tethered to an overwhelming goal. In 2013 the word I set for the year was "heal".

  For those of you who may not know, I lost my brother last year in a very devastating and scarring way. I knew that my focus needed to be on healing and moving forward from that situation. I started this blog because of that word. It will be one year in February that I have used this blog as an outlet. To be able to sit here in the quiet of my office and talk about my experiences as a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Crafter. It has been a beacon of light in a dark time in my life. Thank you all for reading this blog.

  This year my word will be "Education". No, I'm not going to force myself to go back to school or require myself to read a stack of books by the end of 2014. But I would like to expand on what I already know or maybe take a course in something I've always been interested in. Perhaps I will jump on YouTube to expand my knowledge through videos, only to end up in the pits of obscurity educating myself on little people Mexican wrestling..... who knows!! That's the beauty of the "Word".

  All in all, 2013 was a wonderful year. My life grew leaps and bounds. It has been jam packed with friends, laughter, family, vacations, moving, spiritual growth, and love.

  In 2013 we made a difficult decision, when we decided to move away from a house that left us with heartache. We moved into a house that has become our home, a house that feels like we are meant to be in it. Because of the choice we made to move, our life has been truly blessed. It's sort of funny that this really hard choice was the catapult into an amazing situation, that I wouldn't have believed would happen even if you had told me. Here we are on a street where we know and are friends most of our neighbors. Maybe that's silly to some of you, but we never knew our neighbors in any of our previous houses. I have begun the long journey of becoming closer to God with the gospel now present in my life. The love and happiness that I have experienced over the last year that stemmed from this action is incredible all on it's own. We have so many new and wonderful friends that have all individually left an impression on our home and family. My husband has continued to work so hard to provide for our family and continues to grow in knowledge and skill. He himself is now enrolled in a college course through Harvard or "Haavaad" as we call it with our pinkies raised, around our house. We have had adventures as a family, as you have read a few of them here on this blog, and I keep trying to be a good Mom. I have learned that my life isn't what is pictured on the front of my Christmas card. Usually life is no make-up (GASP), pajama's, messy faced kids, and ripped jeans covered in dirt and grass stains.... and I'm okay with that! :)

So here is to an amazing, adventurous, gut laughing, happy and enlightening 2014!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (a week late)

Until next time lovely's

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