Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Sign

  I guess it takes me around a month between posts before I think "wow, I really need to post something!" So here I am! :) I have an easy tutorial for you.

  As I pulled out my fall decor, I realized that I didn't really have anything thanksgiving specific. So I tasked my husband with cutting out some different sized squares for me (he used mdf). He also used a router and beveled the edges. After a finished sanding he handed them over for me to paint. 

  We make such a good team! ;)

  I decided to make a few thanksgiving signs to put up in my dining room. I just used some basic craft acrilic paint from micheals. I used stencils for the "be grateful" sign and then I just free handed the other two.

Once they were painted, I used Royal Coat Decoupage Hi-Gloss Finishing Spray to seal them and to help them last through the years. I highly recommend this finishing spray.

"Eat pie" "Be Grateful" "Gratitude ... Turns what we have into enough"

  Here is a picture of them on my buffet table (My husband made that! Gosh, I love that man!) I tried to blur out my office so you didn't have to see the mess. 

I hope you like the way they turned out! I look forward to hearing your comments/thoughts! 

Until next time my lovelys!

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